How To Send Us Your Photos For Restoration

Are you thinking of sending some old photos to MemoryCherish, but not quite sure how?

You’ve come to the right place! With MemoryCherish, you’ll have your photos restored beautifully in no time with zero hassle.

Check out our step-by-step video guide that you can follow to place your order by clicking on the video below:

Below, you can find the complete guide in text form:

First, you have to capture clear copies of your photos.

You have three options to do this:

1. You can take a picture using the camera of your smartphone

Once you have your photographs, lay them nicely on a flat surface. Make sure there are no wrinkles.

If there are, you can use a cotton swab or a soft cloth to smooth them out.

Then, go ahead and open your phone’s camera. You can usually find the camera icon on your home screen.

Once you’ve opened the camera app, aim them at your photos. Capture them one by one.

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Ensure that the photo is centered on your phone’s screen, so you don’t leave anything out.

Be careful not to tilt your phone towards or away from your photos, so they don’t become distorted.

Lastly, make sure the flash is turned off and you’re in a well-lit room as you are taking the photos on your phone. Capture them properly, make sure that they don’t look blurred.

This is the easiest option, especially for large photos that don’t fit well on regular scanners.

2. You can scan them with a scanner

If you have a scanner in your office or your home, feel free to use that too!

First, you have to set up your scanner and your computer—make sure they’re both connected. If they’re not, you can ask someone close to you for help. But if they are, then good! You’re ready to turn both the computer and scanner on.

When your computer is on, navigate your way on the screen and look for the scanner icon. Double click on that and configure the settings to your preferences.

Before clicking the scan button, place your photos on the scanner. Open the lid (if there is one) and place your photos face down on the scanner’s surface, then close the lid.

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When you’re done, you can now go back to your computer’s screen. On the scanner’s settings, make sure to check the box that says: “show scan preview.”

Once you’re okay with the settings, you can now click “scan” or “finish”!

If your scanner has a built-in program that lets you crop the image or adjust the brightness before saving them, then you may adjust according to your liking.

Then, all that’s left is to click save photos! Keep in mind where your scanned images are stored on your computer.

Do the same process for each of your photos.

3. You can also get your photos scanned at your local store

If you’d rather go to a local print shop and seek help in uploading your photos, feel free to do so. We’ve partnered up with print and scanning shops near you to help make the restoration process smoother for you. Just click on the button below to find the scanning locations near you.

Once you’ve scanned or taken pictures, you can upload them on our site or send them to the MemoryCherish team via email.

You may immediately go to our website to upload your photos, or you can simply click on this link: to start ordering!

But if you want to order at a later date, you may do so by sending your photos via email to

After scanning and uploading, all that’s left is the payment.

Don’t worry; if you ordered through our website, you will be guided throughout the entire payment process.

But if you opt to send your photos via email, our team will guide you via email on how to pay.


Now, all you need to do is wait and let our team of artists do their magic.

With a team of experienced photo restoration artists, your precious photos are in good hands.

They will examine your photos carefully to assess the damages. Then they will work to remove any stains, mold, dirt, or even damages caused by fire or water.

Whatever the damage may be, with talent combined with the latest photo restoration techniques, MemoryCherish will make your photos look brand new again.

Your precious memories deserve to live on.

Send them to MemoryCherish today to give your old photos a fighting chance so future generations can cherish them too!