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This is a photo of my Grandmother and Grandfather. My mother didn’t know her father and this is the only photo she has of him. It is cherished by our family, and I wanted to get it restored so that each of us could have a copy.


My father lost his two children in a tragic car accident and the only pictures he had of them were in his wallet that unfortunately ended up in the washing machine. We assumed they were completely ruined. Thank you so much for restoring what we thought couldn’t be replaced!


Her house burned down a couple of weeks ago. This picture is the only one she has of her father. All her other pictures were destroyed. This one survived the fire but was wet, wrinkled, and as you saw from the scan I sent, really damaged.


The photo I requested restored is a beautiful picture of my Mother. It was taken 65 years ago and became severely damaged. I wanted to put the picture on her headstone. The completely restored pictures, in black & white as well as color, looks fantastic.


This summer my wife noticed that her cherished portrait of her Mom & Dad had faded away. We are extremely happy with the results of their work, not to mention I earned some serious brownie points with my wife and her parents.


This picture is of my mother’s parents, my grandparents. They were born in Mexico. I wanted to restore this photo as a way to honor and remember her.


As the family genealogist, I asked my father for a picture in his U.S. Marine Corps dress uniform. Having some experience with Adobe Photoshop, I knew restoration was possible, but this job was beyond my skill level to pull off. I MemoryCherish, and uploaded a scanned copy of the photograph. They were able to restore the photograph to a condition I can only describe as “better than new” in less than 24 hours!


This is the view of our old family farm. In the picture, my grandfather is feeding the cows. My father could walk or ride the tractor out into the field among the cows and call come on (very loud and drawn out) and the cows would come running. He would also call them by name and knew each one.


This photo is 31 years old and had been a favorite of my Mum & Dads, and always proudly displayed photograph of 3 generations. The photo had stuck to the glass & was destroyed. We are all so grateful for the excellent restoration which has enabled me to complete the digital scrapbooks and for all of us to have a copy of the cherished memories.


The photo is of my mother, Irene, at age 16. Everything she had came from rummage sales. My mother would carefully launder her meager wardrobe in the ringer washing machine every Saturday and then finish with a crisp press. Your restoration brought her back to me, to help me cherish her memory.


This photo was taken in one of the Russian Orthodox Cathedrals. They were hard times, and this restored photo reminds me how lucky we are today.


Because of Hurricane Katrina, we had only this one photo of both my parents together. The photo was old and worn. After much research, I turned to MemoryCherish to restore this precious photo. I was amazed at the result. MemoryCherish lifted years from the photo and now I not only have a beautiful photo for the church obituary program but also a memory I can keep forever.

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The picture is of my mom and her parents and 2 brothers. Sadly, her father died of a sudden heart attack shortly after her wedding. My mom turned 82 last week and she is in an assisted living facility so pictures and memories mean SO much to her now.


She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He said he could not miss that opportunity and asked her on a date to the state fair that they had, which is where they took the photo-booth picture that the MemoryCherish team restored.

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Wow. I sincerely have no words for how happy I am with this photo restoration! The image I submitted was a picture of a picture- very grainy and VERY low resolution. I had very little hope it could be restored. However, when I saw my photo, it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! MemoryCherish is amazing! Cannot say enough good things!

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I was worried because I didn’t have original photos, only copies, but they came out amazing. Their team gave me a preview before the final photo was done, which I think was nice. The price is totally reasonable for the excellent work done. I recommend MemoryCherish to everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

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Incredible work! When my partner separated, his wife had taken all the photos of the children, hence he did not have any of photos of the kids growing up. He found this one by accident one day and was so excited, but due to age, it’s condition has deteriorated, so I decided to get it restored for him. Thank you so much for bringing this photo back to life!

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“This is just perfect. Thank you so much photo restoration team! This is the last memory of my great grandfather, you restored & colorized it perfectly. I’m forever grateful.”

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