Who We Are

MemoryCherish is America’s most loved photo restoration studio

As a family-owned business, our mission is to provide our customers with beautifully restored photos that they will treasure for generations to come, one photo at a time.

The company was founded by Jonah, who found himself thinking about his loved ones more often after they passed away. To his sadness, he couldn’t see their faces clearly anymore when he looked at old photos of them. So he started MemoryCherish with the goal of restoring and rescuing those fading treasures from oblivion so they could be remembered for generations to come.

the memorycherish team
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The MemoryCherish Philosophy

We reject the message that old photos should be forgotten about & thrown away. We believe in the importance of reminiscing. 

Memories are not simply to be looked at, but rather they should come alive after we restore them perfectly, capturing every little detail in them. 

We make sure these moments will never die because looking back on our past is such an important part of who we are now!

The Memory Preservation Revolution

Our society is obsessed with new things – the latest phone, gadget, or clothing. Often, old things are seen as trash and tossed away like yesterday’s news to make room for the new items of interest. We believe that this type of society is not sustainable – we need to remember our past in order to know where we want to go in the future.

Old photos should be treasured and not just thrown away or forgotten about! 

Our mission is to restore your memories, make them new again – so you can relive the moments that are most important in life! 

We do everything with love; our philosophy is rooted in restoring these photos because we believe it makes a world of difference for each customer who gets their photos restoration by our photo restoration team. It’s a memory that someone will have for life and share with their loved ones. 

We want to be THE place where your memories are treasured & valued.


See what people are saying!

"I was very pleased with both the quality of the work and the speed with which it was completed. I almost cried when I saw my treasured picture--scratches and tear removed, color restored. I plan to send another for restoration in the near future."
"When I sent an old faded photo I was very skeptical about the outcome but I was so thrilled to see the old photo restored to virtually what it was like as an original. I will use MemoryCherish again and would highly recommend them. Great job!"