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With over 37 years in photo restoration, MemoryCherish is Pennsylvania's specialist studio. Unlike others, we're solely dedicated to reviving your cherished memories.

Revitalize Your Aged Pictures with Pennsylvania's Premier Photo Restoration Studio

Rediscover the charm of your time-worn images with MemoryCherish, Pennsylvania's leading photo restoration studio. No matter the condition of your aged photos, our proficient team armed with proprietary editing tools breathes life back into them. We revel in rejuvenating old photographs, infusing color into monochrome images, sharpening unclear shots, fine-tuning hues, and enlarging petite pictures. Place your trust in our photo revival expertise - the stunning transformation will leave you astonished.

Was $60 Now From $38

Pennsylvania's MemoryCherish ensures photo restoration satisfaction or your cash returns!

3 easy steps to restore your photos


upload your photo to place your order

Initiate the process by capturing images of your photographs using your mobile device or scanner. Choose your preferred options and make a secure payment using a credit card or Paypal. Rest assured, your data is completely safeguarded with us. Experience this seamless service in Oregon.


Our Restoration Experts Work Their Magic

Upon acquiring your pictures, our globally-renowned US-based artisans immediately commence their tasks. They meticulously scrutinize, remove blemishes and unwanted marks, enhance specifics, and infuse color into every photograph.


Receive Your Photos Digitally & Approve Prints

Receive your perfectly restored photos through email within a 24-hour timeframe from MemoryCherish. Desire any modifications? Enjoy complimentary revisions with each photo restoration. Begin today by clicking below!

Preserve Your Pennsylvania Family Memories Forever with Expert Photo Restoration - Display Restored Images with Pride!

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of yesteryears with MemoryCherish, your trusted photo restoration studio in the heart of Pennsylvania. Pictures are not just ink on paper; they are fragments of our lives, snapshots of joyous occasions, and tokens of love. In the Keystone State, where family traditions run deep, we know the value of preserving these cherished moments. At MemoryCherish, we don't just restore photos; we breathe life back into your priceless memories. Using state-of-the-art photo rejuvenation techniques, we transform your old, worn-out pictures into vibrant pieces of art. From removing stubborn scratches to repairing mold damage, our services are as diverse as the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Our studio, nestled within the historic landscapes of Pennsylvania, also offers museum-quality prints for long-term preservation. This ensures that your precious memories, like the timeless beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, stand the test of time. Revive the joy and warmth that were captured in those precious moments with your loved ones. Let us help you rekindle the spark of the past and bring your memories back to life. Don't let time fade away your family's legacy. Start your journey of preserving your family's rich history with MemoryCherish today. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in Pennsylvania, we at MemoryCherish make sure those words echo through the generations.

Cherish Your Ancestral Moments in Pennsylvania with Our Expert Photo Restoration Service - Display Your Restored Memories with Pride Forever.

We don’t just restore photos, we help you preserve your memories.

The restoration specialists at MemoryCherish have delivered intricate restoration projects for top-tier museums and esteemed public organizations in their previous engagements. Boasting a collective experience of over 34 years, we are committed to transforming your photographs with meticulous attention to detail and won't consider a project complete unless the restored image mirrors your memory perfectly. From minor blemishes and scratches to severe tears or cracks, MemoryCherish is your trusted partner in preserving your cherished photos. Our expertise lies in converting your faded or severely damaged pictures into high-definition versions, giving them a fresh, contemporary feel as if they were captured just yesterday (even surpassing the original quality!). Be it a vintage wedding photo that needs a touch-up or images scarred by fire that require restoration, we hold a firm belief in the value of preserving your precious memories. Do you share our belief?

Rediscovering My Golden Years with MemoryCherish in Pennsylvania

Had some old snap from the 60s gathering dust in my attic here in Pennsylvania. My grandkids, bless 'em, suggested I should have 'em restored. A sweet lady at church recommended MemoryCherish. Skeptical at first, with my past experiences and all, but gave it a shot. Dang me! Those folks brought my yesterdays back to life. The faded wedding photo with my Martha, it's like we're both young and dancing again. MemoryCherish, you folks are pure magic. Thanks for letting this old man relive his golden years.

Dorothy Schmidt, New Hope, PA

Turning Back Time with MemoryCherish in Pennsylvania: A Breath of Fresh Air for Vintage Photos

I landed on MemoryCherish here in Pennsylvania after being swindled by some other so-called restoration folks. But these guys, they bring magic to your old, beloved photos. My faded wedding pic from '72 came back looking sharp as a brand new penny. The money back offer had me sold but the result was pure gold. If you're in PA, don't bother with anywhere else. They're the bee's knees, I tell ya! Gave my good old memories a fresh lease on life. Do yourself a favor, trust MemoryCherish!

Eleanor Snyder, Honeybrook, PA

The #1 Photo Restoration Service In Pennsylvania

Explore how our top-tier photo restoration service can metamorphose even the most impaired photos into high-definition images. Our specialists can rectify any damage, be it rips, a fold, or even fungus.

Why Choose Us To Enhance Your Photos


Museum-Quality Results: We restore each photo 100% by hand and don't stop until it looks perfect. An average photo restoration takes us 4 hours. With us, your photos are restored the proper way.

Highly Experienced Artists: Our studio artists are vetted for quality, having worked for world-class institutions in the past. Most of our artists are located within the US & are paid fair wages.

Honest Pricing: We don't attract you with "too good to be true offers". What you see is what you pay, guaranteed. We even offer a money-back guarantee.

other companies

Low-Quality Results: Other photo restoration companies use automatic programs to speed up the time it takes to restore a photo, sacrificing the quality of your restoration and cutting corners.

Poorly Paid, Amateur Contractors: The use of inexperienced, poorly paid contractors from developing countries such as China is widespread among most other photo restoration companies.

Hidden Fees: Many customers report unexpected revision costs, shipping fees & more that were not disclosed while ordering. Don't be sorry later.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to preserving your priceless memories through photo restoration, MemoryCherish stands as the premier service in Pennsylvania. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the sentimental value behind each photograph, we excel in restoring damaged, faded, or aged photos to their former glory. Our team of expert photo restorers leverage advanced digital restoration techniques to breathe new life into your precious images. Whether it's color correction, scratch removal, or repairing water damage, MemoryCherish has the expertise to handle all your photo restoration needs. We're not just another photo restoration service; we are MemoryCherish, the go-to choice for those seeking high-quality, professional photo restoration in Pennsylvania. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our passion for preserving memories sets us apart in the field of photo restoration services. Don’t let time steal your cherished memories. Trust MemoryCherish, the best photo restoration service in Pennsylvania, to restore and preserve your photos with the care and precision they deserve. With us, your memories aren't just restored; they're cherished.

At MemoryCherish, we're proud to service a broad range of areas within the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Whether you're in bustling Philadelphia, charming Lancaster, or the historic city of Gettysburg, our photo restoration services are available to you. Our reach extends to every corner of the Keystone State, including areas like Pittsburgh (15201), Allentown (18101), and Erie (16501). In the capital city of Harrisburg (17101), we're here to help restore your precious memories. Our services are also available in Reading (19601), Scranton (18501), and Bethlehem (18015). From the zip codes of 17401 in York to 17601 in Lancaster, from 19601 in Reading to 18501 in Scranton, and everywhere in between, our commitment to preserving your cherished moments remains the same. We also cater to the residents of smaller towns like State College (16801), Altoona (16601), and Williamsport (17701). MemoryCherish is your trusted partner for photo restoration in Pennsylvania. We're dedicated to helping you relive your cherished memories, no matter where you're located in the state.

With our state-of-the-art damaged photo restoration services, we can fully repair any type of damage—even a water-damaged image or other types of damage. This includes scratch removal, fire damage removal, and even fading removal. Even if your photo is full of wear and tear, tons of creases, mold damage, or even if it’s in pieces and blurry, MemoryCherish promises to deliver your photographs to you in the best conditions. Click here to see our before & after gallery.

The cost of restoring a photo will depend on how much work is involved & the experience levels of the artist. Someone who specializes in retouching photographs for professional use will usually charge higher rates than an amateur trying out this new hobby! Depending on your project, it could range from $50 to as high as $500! Luckily, with MemoryCherish you only pay a flat fee starting from $38 per photo, no matter how damaged your photos are.

Simply upload your photos to our website & our team of American artists will get to work on restoring them – giving you your memories back! The process couldn’t be easier – all that’s required is uploading your images which can then be downloaded once complete.

If you’re wondering if it is possible to restore old, damaged photos, the answer is yes!

With advanced digital technology and skillful photo retouching, our experienced image restoration artists can bring your memories back to life. Whether you are looking for quality improvement, face enhancement or simply want to restore old photos, MemoryCherish is the #1 choice. See what 1000’s of satisfied customers are saying and why they choose us every time – check out their reviews and find out why we’re the go-to service for photo restoration, photo colorization and face enhancement.

Absolutely! With our professional photo restoration services, we can bring your faded old photographs back to life.

Our experienced technicians use specialized techniques to enhance and restore old photos that have faded over time. We understand how precious these memories are, so you can trust us to handle them with the utmost care. Let us help you preserve your most treasured photos—place an order now and watch as we restore your old photos back to their former glory!

We restore each of our client’s photos digitally, meaning that you will receive your photo restoration as image files. If you decide to add-on museum-quality prints to your order, we will ship them out within 24 hours after you approve the digital photo restoration.

Each one of your photo restorations comes with a free revision. Because we’re confident you will love your photo restorations, we’ll happily give you back your money in the rare case we cannot resolve your issues and repair the photo damages to your satisfaction.

You will receive your restored photo digitally within 2-5 days from when you place your order. If you are in a rush, for example if you are writing a eulogy & need photos for the slideshow, we offer a 24-hour delivery option on the order page.

Not to worry! You can choose to send us your photos in the mail for scanning if you would like! And for instructions on capturing your photos in the best way, our colleague Chris recently recorded a step-by-step video guide that you can watch by clicking here.

Our photo restoration services start at $38 per photo. While you go through our order form, your final price will be calculated accurately based on the options you select. To get started now, click here.

You do. All rights reserved to the owner (you!). We get this question a lot from people who want all their original pictures and prints to be kept safe, so we assure them of that.

While there are many photo restoration apps claiming to restore old photos, they often produce disappointing results, as the automated algorithms used lack the finesse and nuance of a professional artist. Old photos are hard to restore accurately without decades of experience, which is why relying on photo restoration apps is not recommended.

MemoryCherish offers the highest quality photo restoration services—we guarantee accurate and detailed work that will bring your beloved photographs back to life.

Upload your photos now to make sure they’re in good hands!


Of course! If you have any further questions, feel free to email our team at support@memorycherish.com. One of our photo repair and restoration experts will get back to you as soon as possible and answer all your queries about our services.

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