Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy. Simply, click here then follow the prompts that will guide you through the step-by-step ordering process.

The first step is to enter your name & email so we can contact you after you placed your order. Then, upload your photos or select the “send later” option. For instructions on capturing your photos in the best way, our colleague Chris recently recorded a step-by-step video guide that you can watch by clicking here.

Now, customize your order by adding prints, followed by choosing whether you would like to get your photos colorised. Lastly, select your delivery speed. Once you’ve double-checked that everything is correct, click on “add to cart” & enter your payment information on the next page before submitting your order. Before you know it your beautifully restored photos will be delivered to your inbox for approval. Voilà!

Submit your photos to our expert restoration team and witness their transformation within 3-5 days. In a rush? Opt for our Priority Processing Speed once you’ve uploaded your photo here, ensuring a 24-hour turnaround. If you’re restoring photos to honor a loved one, consider exploring our eulogy speech services for a touching tribute that seamlessly integrates these cherished memories.

Our prices start at $38 per photo, however, the final price depends on the options you select when placing your order. Please go to the Order page to see how much your photo restoration will cost.

Every photo is individually restored by hand by one of our experienced, professional photo restoration artists. The skill, attention and love our artists put into each and every restoration ensures you receive the best possible end result. We never rush & only send off a restoration unless it is absolutely perfect.

Our work has been featured in media outlets such as ABC, NBC & FOX.

Unlike many other photo restoration companies who use automated software to restore photos within minutes, our artists work multiple hours on each photo to ensure it looks stunning.

Each one of your photo restoration comes with a free revision. Because we’re confident you will love your photo restorations, we’ll happily give you back your money in the rare case we are not able to resolve your issues.

Yes, we offer three different bulk discounts.

If you have over 10 photos to restore, you can use the coupon code “10DISCOUNT” on checkout to get 10% off your entire order.

If you have over 25 photos to restore, use the coupon code “25DISCOUNT” on checkout to get 15% off your entire order.

If you would like to get over 30 photos restored, please click here to email us directly so we can give you our best price. Our email is We are looking forward to hearing from you!

You can upload your photos either by taking a photo of them with your phone or scanning them. Please keep in mind that we can only restore your photos in the quality you send them to us. If you are taking photos with your phone, please make sure that the photo is clearly visible without being blurry. Take your photos in daylight near a window & avoid reflections.

For instructions on how to capture your photos perfectly, we recently made a step-by-step video guide that you can watch by clicking here.

Once you have your photos ready, simply click here to go to our order page where you can upload your photos, pick your options & place your order.

One of the potential reasons why the payment issue can happen: Banks sometimes decline the International transactions in order to protect their clients. 

  1. Please try using a different card. If that doesn’t work, try settling your payment via PayPal.
  2. If you’re able to, we recommend you try a different web browser.
  3. Please ensure your bank allows international purchases.
  4. If everything else fails, please call your bank & ask them to permit payments to us.

Please click here to return to the checkout.

If your photo is too large to fit on a scanner, we recommend you take a picture of it using your phone camera. Please make sure that your photo is clearly visible & NOT blurry. For the best results, please take your photo in a well-lit environment.

We also produced a step-by-step video guide that you can watch by clicking here.

Once you have your photo ready, simply click here to upload it & submit your order.

If you have any preferences regarding the colors we should use, just let us know in the restoration notes box next to the colorisation option. If you don’t have a preference, our artists turn to historical documents for extensive research & will colorize your photos based on what was historically appropriate at that time. If you would like us to change some colors in the final restoration, just let us know & we will do so free so charge using your free revision.

Click here to submit your photos for restoration & colorization today.

We can bring clarity to faces that are slightly blurry, as long as some of the facial details are still visible. Feel free to send us your photos via email & we will let you know whether or not we can restore them well before you place your order. Please click here to send us an email or email us manually at

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

To offer you the best price & service, we only accept online orders at the moment. If you would like prints of your final photo restorations, you can add them to your order after uploading your photos.

Please click here to upload your photo, pick your options & place your order online. We appreciate your understanding.

Feel free to send us a copy of your photos via email by clicking here (or email us at You can either scan them or take a photo of them with your phone. We will then evaluate your photos for free and let you know whether or not we can restore them perfectly.
We are looking forward to evaluating your photos!

Definitely! If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at One of our photo restoration experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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