Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve encountered an error message during ordering. Can you help?+-
I’m having payment issues on the website. How should I proceed?+-
What should I do if I’m having trouble uploading photos?+-
I need a photo restored for an upcoming event. Can you expedite the service?+-
My photo has unique damage. Is that something you can work with?+-
I have a large number of photos I need restored. Do you offer bulk services?+-
Can you handle restoration of very old or historical photos?+-
Is my data secure from online threats?+-
How is my personal information protected?+-
Can I choose not to have my photos stored?+-
Who will view my photos while they’re in your care?+-
What happens to my photos after the restoration?+-
How are my photos protected during transfer?+-
How do you ensure my photos remain private?+-
What if I’m not satisfied with the restoration?+-
Will my restored photos look like the original?+-
What if I want to restore a photo that’s not damaged but just aged?+-
How do I approve the final restored photo?+-
What kinds of damage can you repair?+-
How long does the photo restoration process take?+-
Can I send pictures of pictures taken with my phone?+-
What if I’m not sure which photos to submit?+-
How do I know my photos have been successfully submitted?+-
What formats can I submit my photos in?+-
Can I submit photos from anywhere in the world?+-
Is there a limit on how many photos I can submit?+-
How should I prepare my photos for submission?+-
How do I get started with my photo restoration?+-
Can I restore photos taken on any type of camera?+-
What if I only have parts of a photo?+-
How do I know if my photos are suitable for colorization?+-
Do I need to know anything about photo restoration before I begin?+-
Are my old photographs good enough for restoration?+-
What exactly does MemoryCherish do?+-
Do you offer advice on how to display restored photos?+-
How can I reach customer service if I have questions or concerns?+-
Can I get additional copies of a restored print later on?+-
What should I do if my print gets damaged?+-
How should I care for my restored prints to ensure they last?+-

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