10 Things To Do With Your Photos After Restoring Them: Ideas and Tips

Have you ever wondered what you could do with your beautifully restored photos? Maybe you’re thinking about how to showcase those precious memories or perhaps you're unsure of the next step. After restoring your photos, the possibilities are endless.

✍🏻 Written by Dr. Laura Whitman from MemoryCherish

Imagine turning your living room into a gallery of your life’s best moments, or creating personalized gifts for your loved ones. You’ll find that these restored photos can help bring your stories to life, capturing the essence of treasured memories.

1) Create a Family Photo Album

A family photo album sits open on a table, surrounded by a variety of decorative items such as old-fashioned frames, vintage cameras, and colorful scrapbooking materials

Remember those old family photo albums? Creating one from your restored photos can be a delightful project. Imagine flipping through pages filled with memories from holidays, birthdays, and everyday moments.

Start by sorting your photos. Group them by events, people, or even decades. This makes your album more organized and enjoyable to look through.

Don’t forget to add captions! Little notes about the photo’s date, location, and people can make your album even more special. You can use pens or print labels for a cleaner look.

Consider involving your family. Ask them to share their memories and stories. Adding these personal touches makes the album a true family treasure.

If you need ideas on how to organize your photos, check out this guide on organizing old family photos. Ready to get started?

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Create a Family Photo AlbumEasy2-3 hoursHigh

2) Turn Them into a Digital Slideshow

Ever thought about a way to see your old photos every day? Creating a digital slideshow might be just the ticket. Imagine a rotation of your cherished memories on your computer screen or TV.

The first step is to digitize your photos. This can be done using a scanner or taking pictures with your phone.

Once you have the digital copies, choose a slideshow software. Programs like IrfanView or even built-in tools on Windows can help. Simply upload your photos into the software. Customize the settings—add some music if you like.

Next, decide where you want the slideshow to play. It could be on an old laptop repurposed just for this, turning it into a digital picture frame. This way, your memories are always in view without taking up physical space.

Can you imagine the joy of seeing different moments from your past right in front of you, every day?

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Digital SlideshowEasy1-2 hoursHigh

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3) Print on Canvas for Wall Art

A table with various photo prints, a laptop displaying restored images, and a canvas with "10 Things To Do With Your Photos" written on it

Imagine your favorite photo hanging as a beautiful piece of wall art. Turning your treasured memories into canvas prints can transform any room.

Start by choosing the right photo. Something with vibrant colors or meaningful moments works best. Think vacations, family gatherings, or even stunning landscapes.

Next, consider the size. Different spaces need different sizes. An 8×10 could be perfect for a small accent on a gallery wall. A larger 36×36 might make a bold statement in your living room.

Have the photo professionally printed on canvas. This ensures high quality and durability. The texture of the canvas adds a unique 3-D look that regular prints just can’t match.

Finally, frame it or stretch it on a wooden frame. Hanging it up is the final step. Your home will now tell a story through beautiful, personalized wall art.

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Print on Canvas for Wall ArtModerate1-2 weeksHigh

4) Design Custom Photo Calendars

A desk with a computer and printer, surrounded by restored photographs and a stack of blank calendars. A person fills out a calendar with photos

Ever thought of creating a calendar featuring your favorite memories? It’s a wonderful way to keep loved ones close throughout the year. Whether you opt for a wall calendar or a desk version, each month can highlight a special photo.

It’s easy to get started. Websites like Walgreens Photo and CreatePhotoCalendars.com offer simple tools to design your calendar. Just upload your photos, choose layouts, and personalize with text.

You can even design a daily tearaway calendar if you want a new photo each day. Imagine looking forward to a new memory every morning! Want something more unique? Use reclaimed materials or handcrafted options to add a touch of elegance.

Custom Photo Calendars

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Custom Photo CalendarsEasy30-60 minutesHigh

5) Make Personalized Greeting Cards

A table with various crafting supplies - scissors, glue, markers, and a stack of blank greeting cards. A computer displaying edited photos

Looking for a creative way to use your restored photos? Why not make personalized greeting cards?

Start by selecting a design. You can use online platforms like Shutterfly, where you upload your photo and place it within a pre-made template.

Got some old family photos? Scan them and create unique cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or even just to say hello. Pic Scanner Gold is great for this.

Feel like going DIY? Print your photos, and glue them to cardstock. Write a heartfelt message on the inside. You can even add embellishments like stickers or ribbons for an extra personal touch.

Personalized cards make your greetings memorable and meaningful. Your friends and family will love receiving something made with love and care.

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Personalized Greeting CardsEasy30 mins – 1 hrHigh

6) Create a Photo Book

A table with a stack of photo books, a laptop displaying restored photos, a camera, and various photo props like frames and albums

Looking for a way to truly cherish and share those restored photos? Create a photo book. It’s easy and fun.

Start by organizing your photos. Choose the ones that tell a story or mean the most to you. Upload them to a photo book maker like Canva or Shutterfly.

Play with layouts and backgrounds. Make sure each page feels special. Add captions or short notes to give each photo context and personal touch. Your book can be as simple or as fancy as you want.

Creating a photo book is a wonderful way to relive memories. Plus, it’s a perfect gift. Whether for a wedding, vacation, or family history, it’s something everyone will treasure.

ActivityDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Create a Photo BookEasy1-2 hoursHigh

7) Use in Scrapbooking Projects

A table scattered with restored photos, scissors, glue, and decorative paper. A scrapbook with colorful pages open, ready for photos to be arranged

Ever thought about scrapbooking? It’s a fantastic way to showcase your restored photos. Imagine flipping through a book filled with your memories, each page telling its own story.

Start by selecting some themes. Maybe a family vacation or a birthday. Arrange your photos in creative layouts. Use patterned paper, stickers, and embellishments to add flair.

Planning your pages helps. Decide where each photo will go and what decorations you’ll use. This makes putting everything together much easier and fun.

Don’t forget to add personal touches. Write notes or add mementos like tickets or postcards. These little details make your scrapbook unique and meaningful.

Incorporate techniques like using washi tape to create borders or adding pockets with sequins. These elements add depth and interest to your pages.

Scrapbooking not only preserves your photos but also makes them enjoyable to look back on. Give it a try!

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Scrapbooking ProjectsMedium3-5 hoursHigh

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8) Design Custom Phone Cases

A table with various phone cases and a computer displaying edited photos. A customer holds up a photo, smiling

Why settle for a plain phone case when you can have one that showcases your favorite photos? Imagine carrying around cherished memories instead.

Start by choosing photos that make you smile or hold special meaning. Think about your last vacation or a family gathering.

Once you have your photos, use an online service like CASETiFY to create a unique phone case. Upload your photos, arrange them in fun collages, and add text if you want.

It’s easy and fun to see your photos daily on something you use all the time. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

If you want to experiment, check other platforms like Shutterfly. They offer different layouts and customization options, making your phone case one of a kind.

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Custom Phone CaseMedium30 minutesHigh

9) Print and Frame for Gifts

A table with a variety of framed photos displayed, surrounded by gift wrapping materials and a sign reading "Print and Frame for Gifts."

Remember that moment when you stumbled upon an old photo and memories came flooding back? Imagine giving that feeling as a gift. It’s incredibly special.

Printing and framing your restored photos can create wonderful gifts. Think about that photo of a family reunion or your grandparents’ wedding day. Imagine the joy on their faces when you present it framed.

You don’t need to be artsy to make it look good. Choose a quality print and a frame that matches their decor. Simple options are often the most elegant.

Consider different sizes and styles for your frames. A small, framed photo fits nicely on a desk, while a larger one can become a centerpiece on a wall.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch. A little note on the back of the frame about the memory can make the gift even more meaningful.

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Print and FrameMedium1-2 hoursHigh

10) Create a Photo Quilt

A colorful photo quilt displayed on a wall, showcasing various restored images. Each square features a different memory, creating a vibrant and nostalgic display

Imagine curling up with a quilt made from your cherished photos. It’s like a hug from your memories! Making a photo quilt is not as hard as you might think.

Start by picking your favorite photos. Be sure they are high-quality for the best result. You don’t want blurry pictures on something you’ll snuggle with. After choosing, print your photos on fabric. You can buy special printable fabric for this.

Next, decide on a layout. Do you want a neat grid or a more random pattern? Lay out the photos on your floor to get a sense of the final look. Make sure you have enough fabric to balance the photos. Adding colorful patches can fill gaps and make the quilt pop.

Sew the photos and fabric pieces together with a sewing machine. If you don’t have one, hand sewing works too, though it will take longer. Add a soft backing fabric for comfort.

To finish, quilt the layers together by sewing through all layers in a pattern that suits you. This will hold everything in place and add a nice texture.

Ready to wrap yourself in hugs from the past?

ItemDifficultyTime RequiredUniqueness
Create a Photo QuiltMedium10-15 hoursVery High

Enhancing Photo Quality

Transforming your photos after restoration can make them truly shine. Improving image quality involves using advanced editing tools and correcting color and lighting.

Using Advanced Editing Tools

Using advanced editing tools like AI enhancers can significantly improve your photos’ look. AI tools are getting smarter and can identify and fix many common issues in photos. Think about how amazing it feels when you see an old, blurry photo get sharper.

Manual tools, like contrast and brightness adjusters, can make your images pop. Adjusting contrast adds depth and makes colors stand out. Brightness controls help make sure every detail is visible without washing out the image.

Software options like Photoroom and Picsart offer these features. You can easily remove unwanted objects and adjust the focus. The sky’s the limit with what you can achieve using these tools!

Correcting Color and Lighting

Correcting color and lighting is vital in photo enhancement. Imagine that vibrant dress from the family reunion looking dull. Adjusting the color balance restores its original hue and vibrancy. Using saturation tools, you can make colors look more vivid or tone them down for a more muted look.

Light is equally important. Photos with proper lighting just look right. Sometimes old photos have uneven lighting. Brightness and exposure adjustments can fix this, making your photos clearer and more balanced. By tweaking these settings, you ensure that no detail is lost in the shadows or overexposed areas.

Give these tools a try, and watch your cherished photos come back to life!

Displaying Your Restored Photos

Once you’ve restored your photos, showcasing them can be both exciting and fulfilling. Here’s how to choose the perfect frames and create a stunning photo wall to bring your memories to life.

Choosing the Right Frames

Frames can significantly impact how your photos are perceived. You want to choose frames that not only complement the photos themselves but also fit into the overall decor of your space.

First, consider the style of your room. Is it modern, rustic, or traditional? For modern spaces, sleek, minimalist frames in black, white, or metal can work wonders. For more rustic or traditional rooms, wooden frames with intricate details can add a charming touch.

Next, think about the color scheme. Your frames should enhance the colors in your photos without overwhelming them. Neutral colors like black, white, and brown are versatile choices. Metallic frames can add a touch of elegance to any photo.

Finally, don’t forget about size. Large photos can serve as focal points and are perfect for areas like living rooms or hallways. Smaller frames can be grouped together to create a more intimate display.

Creating a Photo Wall

A photo wall is a great way to display multiple pictures in an interesting and artistic manner. This can be a feature in your home that not only shows off your restored photos but also sparks conversations.

Start by planning the layout. You can use paper cutouts or painter’s tape to map out the arrangement on the wall. This helps visualize the final look and make adjustments before committing to nails and hooks.

Consider mixing different sizes and orientations of frames. This adds visual interest and breaks the monotony of a uniform grid. You might also want to include a mix of color and black-and-white photos.

Lastly, think about the spacing. The distance between frames should be consistent to give the display a cohesive look. Too much space can make the wall feel disjointed, while too little can make it look cluttered.

Your photo wall can serve as a personal gallery, showcasing a collection of moments that mean the most to you.

About The Author
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Dr. Laura Whitman | MemoryCherish

Dr. Laura Whitman is the Head of Education at MemoryCherish, the #1 photo restoration company in the world.

With a PhD in Art History and a specialization in photographic preservation, she brings an unrivaled breadth of knowledge to her role.
Over her 19-year tenure in the field, Dr. Whitman has become a respected authority on topics ranging from photo restoration techniques to historical context and genealogy.

Her work has been recognized by major media outlets such as ABC, NBC, and FOX News, and she has been trusted with collaborations by Adobe. As an educator, she has developed numerous 'how-to' guides and tutorials, making photo restoration accessible to millions.

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