Marlon’s Photo Restoration Story

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“My mother Rita passed away on Easter morning after a valiant battle with Covid-19. My father, Herbert, followed her on to the afterlife a little more than a month later of a heart attack, brought on after the loss of his beloved wife. They were High School sweethearts and soon after graduation, were married in 1964.

In 2005 after my father Herbert retired from the Chicago Police Department. They moved to New Orleans, the birthplace of my maternal great grandparents, where they survived Hurricane Katrina but many of our family photos and memorabilia did not. The only surviving photo from their wedding in 1964 was one photo.

During the pandemic, after they both passed away, so close to each other, it left our family in turmoil. The responsibility of the memorial service fell on my hands. I had to book the church, invite the people, buy flowers and, a host of other things.

The most important though was the obituary and because of Hurricane Katrina, we had only this one photo of both my parents together. The photo was old and worn.

So, after much research, I turned to MemoryCherish to restore this precious photo. I was amazed at the result. MemoryCherish lifted years from the photo and now I not only have a beautiful photo for the church obituary program but also a memory I can keep forever.”

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