Melanie’s Photo Restoration Story

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“This photo was taken when my grandparents first started dating in 1968. My grandma came from Guadalajara to California and moved into a duplex with her aunt who would rent the other one to my grandpa.

One day my grandma was heading out when she bumped into my grandpa who was looking for her aunt because he had her rent money. My grandpa quickly apologized for that and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He said he could not miss that opportunity and asked her on a date to the state fair that they had, which is where they took the photo-booth picture that the MemoryCherish team restored.

My family and I decided that we should restore this priceless picture since it was very damaged, for their 50th wedding anniversary. They were truly speechless and surprised when they saw themselves so young!”

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