Why I Restored Hundreds of My Old Family Photos (And How You Can Too!)

By Lt. Ian Gault | Veteran & Devoted Grandfather

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Hey, I’m Ian. I’ve had lots of adventures in my life, like being in the military and traveling the world. Over the years, I’ve taken tons of pictures to remember all these cool things. 

But guess what? Pictures get old and faded. I wanted to make sure my grandkids could see these photos one day, so I decided to fix them up.

Here’s why I chose to restore hundreds of my old family photos and how you can do the same.

1. Creating a Family Legacy: I’ve lived a life full of adventures, from military service to world travels. I was born during Europe’s recovery from WWII and come from a family with deep-rooted military traditions. The photos I had captured decades of memories and important family events. I realized these weren’t just my memories; they were my family’s history. By restoring these photos, I could preserve that history for my children & grandchildren.

2. Connecting Deeper With My Grandkids: One of the best parts about fixing up these old photos was being able to share them with my grandkids. These pictures helped them see where their family comes from and how things were when their grandpa was young. It was really fun to see their excited faces as they learned about our family’s history through these photos.

3. Finding Help: To help me with this big job, I found a company called MemoryCherish. They are the top company in the world at making old pictures look new again. They’ve been fixing up photos for more than 37 years and have even worked on some super important projects for museums and big companies like Adobe. They worked really hard and were super careful with all my photos, even the really, really old ones!

4. Working Together: I had never experienced such great customer service before. Together, we figured out the best way to fix all my photos & even colorize them. Since I had hundreds of photos, it took almost two years, but we did it! Now, all my old photos look brand new.

5. The Process Was So Simple: One thing I loved about MemoryCherish was how easy the whole process was. They’ve made it super simple for anyone to get their old photos restored. Here’s how it worked for me:

Step 1: Taking Photos of My Photos: First, I just had to take pictures of my old photos using my phone. You could also scan them if you want or send them to their photo lab. Then, I selected the options I wanted and paid safely with my credit card. 

Step 2: Letting the Experts Do Their Thing: After I sent in my photos, the amazing artists at MemoryCherish got right to work. They’re all from America and really know what they’re doing. They carefully looked at each photo, removed any stains or marks, and even added color. It was like they were working magic!

Step 3: Getting My Restored Photos: In less than 24 hours, MemoryCherish emailed me all my restored photos. And guess what? If there was something I wanted them to change, they would do it for free!

How Can I Restore My Precious Family Photos?

If you’re thinking about restoring your old photos, I highly recommend MemoryCherish. Their process is super easy, their team is incredibly talented, and they truly care about making your photos look their best. Click here to start now!

Here are some examples of the beautiful transformations achieved by the MemoryCherish team:

If you want your treasured family photos to be fixed, then click here and claim your photo restoration spot today.

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