Doug’s Photo Restoration Story

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“This summer my wife noticed that her cherished portrait of her Mom & Dad had faded away. What made it very noticeable was that the “airbrush” touch up that was done on the portrait had not faded equally with the colors in the picture. Although the windows in our home were “low E” glass and even argon gas-filled, the time had taken its toll.

I too love her parents. They break every mold of the “In-Law” stereotypes and I’m very lucky to have them and call them Mom & Dad. So for my wife’s birthday, I decided to have the picture restored by MemoryCherish and to buy special UVA blocking glass for the picture frame to guard against this happening again.

MemoryCherish sent me the first draft for approval and I responded with some concerns I had regarding their work. They addressed all my concerns and even offered two versions of the portrait; one with the original studio’s signature at the bottom of the picture, and one without.

We are extremely happy with the results of their work, not to mention I earned some serious brownie points with my wife and her parents!  Thanks so much for caring about your work and our family.”


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