Julie’s Photo Restoration Story

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“This photo is 31 years old and had been a favorite of my Mum & Dads, and always proudly displayed photograph of 3 generations. It had been on display, in a glass frame for all those years & subject to the Australian humid conditions.

When Mum & Dad passed away, both my brother & my myself wanted a copy but there was no negative. The photo had stuck to the glass & was destroyed when removed – indeed the faces of 2 of the children were almost entirely “missing” and for 9 years the photo was hidden away as we were all too distraught to mention it.

During COVID lockdown (Melbourne, Australia) I started to go through Mum & Dads photos to create digital scrapbooks for my children & grandchildren. This photo became an increasingly critical part of that journey.

We are all so grateful for the excellent restoration which has enabled me to complete the digital scrapbooks and for all of us to have a copy of the cherished memories.”

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