Behind the Scenes of Photo Restorations - All Secrets Revealed

Do you wonder about how old photos are restored? How stained, creased, and torn pictures get a new lease on life? Well, wonder no more about the magic of restoring damaged photos. 

photo restoration behind the scenes

We’re about to grant you an exclusive peek into the work we put into photo restoration behind the scenes. We reveal the exact process the skillful artists at MemoryCherish use to rescue old, tattered memories. 

We let you peek under the hood of the delicate art of digitally repairing old photos that we’ve carefully nurtured, cultivated, and perfected over the years. 

Capturing the Damaged Photo

Restoring old pictures to life starts with making a quality copy of them digitally.

Remember, in photo restoration, the quality of the photo determines the final output. Always scan a photo at the highest possible resolution or at least 600dpi for the best results. 

A high-resolution image lets us dig down and eliminate even the tiniest scuff marks on the picture. Hi-res enables us to enlarge the restored image to some unbelievable sizes. We can fix a small photo and reprint up to 8x the original size – in crisp detail. 

Working the Magic in Photoshop 

Adobe Photoshop remains one of the best tools in photo restoration, behind the scene it facilitates all the magic. This versatile tool allows us to assess the photo’s damage to chart a proper plan of action. 

After uploading the hi-res photo scan, we open the image in Photoshop. The tool allows us to zoom in closely and examine each blemish sullying the photo. Tears, debris, creases, water damage, wrinkles, and scratches are the most common physical damages to old photos.

Photoshop provides a range of tools to eliminate all these imperfections. Using tools such as spot healing brush, patch tool, clone stamp, and content-aware fill, we set to work on the blemishes.