Walgreens Photo Restoration - Is There A Better Alternative?

Walgreens pharmacy is a popular pharmacy chain that also offers photo restoration services. However, it is only a good option if you live near their stores that offer this service. Keep reading to find out how to best get your old photos restored.

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One of the most convenient options to restore damaged photographs is to go to the nearest Walgreens pharmacy. Your pictures can be repaired, scanned, recolored, and reprinted, depending on your preference. Nonetheless, other places that offer professional photo restoration services like MemoryCherish may be a better option for you.

Walgreens’ Photo Restoration Service

Walgreens’ photo center restores pictures and provides other services like same-day photo-prints, printing gift cards and passport photos, and customized photo books. The pharmacy is also almost everywhere, and transactions can either be done online or in-store at selected branches.

However, despite providing photo restoration services, Walgreen’s services are not the most reliable in the market. The process of photo restoration is a bit complicated and time-consuming.

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Only a few Walgreens’ photo centers offer photo restoration, which is quite a bummer. What’s more discouraging is that this option is an in-store service, which means processing your order online is impossible. You then need to go directly to a local branch and ask whether they can restore your pictures for you.

Walgreens photo centers also heavily rely on outsourced restoration services, which means the quality of work may be inconsistent. Thus, Walgreens leaves customers in the dark as to the nitty-gritty of the project.

Apart from the uncertainty of working with outsourced editors, photo restoration at Walgreens may take longer than other shops. According to previous reviews, it would usually take at least a week to receive the finished product. That is considerably long, especially if you need the restored images quickly.

Typically, the process is more than doing some basic editing of your photos and uploading them to their website. That is unlike what you can expect at MemoryCherish

Here are the reasons why we are a better alternative to Walgreen’s photo restoration services:

1. We Provide Online Services

Technology has made things more accessible and convenient, and MemoryCherish knows this too well. Unlike Walgreens, which only offers in-store service at little shops, MemoryCherish provides online services to accommodate our customers everywhere.

You don’t have to come to use to drop or pick your pictures. Simply upload them online, and we will deliver them to you through email in less than 72 hours. Getting your photos restored has never gotten this easy!

2. We Do All the Work

Walgreens photo center relies heavily on outsourced restoration services. That leads to quality inconsistency and takes longer than expected. Unlike working with a pharmacy chain that offers a wide range of services, you are guaranteed quality results when you work with a company that specializes in photo restoration.

Luckily, MemoryCherish has a team of in-house experts who are qualified to do the job. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results consistently. Our diverse team of restoration artists, colorization experts, and historical advisors will be more than happy to give your old and faded pictures a brand new look.

3. Extensive Experience

At MemoryCherish, we have over 12 years of experience under our belt, so you can rest assured that we can do the job right. Our team has been working in the field for decades – perfecting their craft with every project.

4. Fast Process

MemoryCherish believes that time is money that should be spent well. Walgreens expects its customers to drop their pictures at their in-store shop to start the process of restoration. What’s worse, you need to contact them in advance since not all their in-store shops offer picture restoration services. That is not only daunting but also time-consuming.

With MemoryCherish, you can also expect a faster work and delivery process. Once you upload your pictures on our website, sit back and relax while our restoration artists get straight to work.

We will closely examine the photographs, eliminate stains, remove unnecessary markings, and even refine the details until the images look good as new. Plus, they can add popping colors to each picture for outstanding results.

We will then email you the photos after a turnaround time o 24 to 72 hours. This way, you can surprise your parents or grandparents with their digitally enhanced or restored pictures in good time.

5. 100% Customer Satisfaction

MemoryCherish values customers’ satisfaction, which is why we make sure that they will get their orders on time. We also guarantee free revision for every project in case you need any changes made.


How to Place Your Photo Restoration Order with MemoryCherish

Placing your photo restoration order has never been easier. You may upload your photographs using MemoryCherish’s order page. You will then be required to fill out the form, indicating your name and email address. Click the “Upload” button to select the images that you want to restore.

Next, personalize your order by adding prints. You may also request colorization for your photos.

Once you picked all the options above, you need to choose the processing speed. You can pick from the standard and priority options, which would take three to five business days or 24 hours, respectively.

Lastly, hit the “Add to Cart” button and type your payment information before submitting.


Individually Restored

It is easy to can find a photo restoration company that promises to get the job done right the first time for a lower price. However, most of these companies tend to use automated software to work on their projects. This eliminates accuracy as it is challenging to catch all the details in one go.

Fortunately, at MemoryCherish, our team of artists restores every photo by hand, spending several hours at their working tables to ensure that images are visually stunning and crisp. We pay attention even to the tiniest specks on your pictures to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

A lot of our works have already been featured in the biggest media outlets, including ABC, NBC, and FOX. 


Our Services

MemoryCherish offers a wide range of photo restoration services to help you cherish old memories. Our services include:

  • Colorization
  • Color correction
  • Photo upscaling & resizing
  • Detail restoration
  • Background replacement & enhancement
  • Water & mold image restoration


Prioritize quality over the price tag. Photo restoration is an endeavor that you hope to get right the first time, so it’s best to work with the pros. MemoryCherish can restore your pictures for $38 per photo. The final costs, however, may vary, depending on the customization options that you have selected.


Since you will be spending your hard-earned money on your precious photographs, you want everything to be nicely done. If you are still unsatisfied with our work, you are entitled to one round of revisions free of charge for the retouches.

When sending back the photos for revision, it’s best to indicate the specific things you want to see in the restored pictures.

Got Questions?

If you find the photo restoration process overwhelming or if you have other questions, you may always send us an email at support@memorycherish.com. We’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as we can to help you make the right decision.


Trust the Experts!

Do you have old photographs that have faded or deteriorate over time due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, pollutants, or acid burns? Worry not! We are here to help you give your pictures a brand new look so you can hold the memories for years to come. Our portfolio speaks for us.

Final Thoughts

Walgreens’ photo restoration centers may be everywhere, but that does not automatically make them the best option for your restoration or colorization project. The smartest move is to weigh your options by considering both the pros and cons you may encounter along the way. Doing a little bit of research may also go a long way to gauge a company’s performance when it comes to restoring your precious photographs.

Compared to this pharmacy chain that offers a wide range of services, working with a company specializing in photo restoration can instantly guarantee professionally retouched pictures that you can hold dear for the next years to come.

For your upcoming photo restoration project, get in touch with MemoryCherish.


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